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For the best bands in the area, you've come to the right place. Let me introduce myself, my name is Greg Calvert. I've played drums for 40 plus years. Here is a chance to see a history of what it's like to be a drummer. Drummers are the soul of any band, if the band was a bus, drummers are the drivers, keeping the band between the white lines and at the right speed. Those of you who already play in a band know what I mean. Those of you who are thinking of being in a band, here is a small idea of the time and effort needed to be the best you can be.


Greg at 15It really started on February 7, 1964...
That's the first time I saw the "Beatles" on the Ed Sullivan Show. I was hooked.

I spent my childhood with the radio tuned to KXOK (St. Louis based station) or playing my " The Beatles" records. My mom worked at Decca Records and her boss could get the "The Beatles" for FREE, so my record collection grew fast.
I started playing piano when I was eight years old, learning the basics of music, reading, writing, and counting piano was cool, but playing Beethoven and Bach did not do it for me! I wanted to ROCK!
The first time I played the drums was on a homemade kit, made by an older friend, from round cardboard containers with real skin heads. David Hess was cool and trusting enough to let an eight year old punk kid play his drums and I thank him for it.

At ten years old, I had another older friend, Dane Caupert, (Drummer for Road Trip/ Redneck Rockerz/ J.A.B.) who gave me a set of drums similar to the homemade ones, only with a one-man band kick pedal, and I was in business. Not long after that, I got my first set of real drums and the real fun began.
For the next 12 years, I played along with the stereo headphones because the few musicians I knew already had drummers. Practice, practice, and practice some more.

Greg in 1980
Finally, in 1980, I joined my first band, "E Band", in Rock Springs, Wyoming. We wrote our own songs, so we went to Obsession BandHollywood to become rich and famous rock stars. I went to every recording company in LA ! They said they'd call back...still waiting!
I moved back to Illinois at the end of 1982 and joined the band "Scarllett Thred". It was big and loud and fun, but I was losing money. So I quit, put my drum away , that lasted six months.
In 1985, I first played country music with a band called "Whiteash", half country and half Top 40 rock, not my style, but I was making good money!A year later, the bass player and I formed "Obsession"with a similar format.



Van hit by MACK TRUCKThe band played 3-6 nights a week, getting real tight. Then, I was run over from behind by a Mack truck, smashing equipment and my head, effectively ending that band. I made it but the Van was totaled.

Saloonatics 1988


Then, I enrolled at SIU-Carbondale in 1987, majoring in Political Science. I immediately got in a band, formerly the "Suburban Housewives", but renamed the "Saloonatics". A classic rock-punk band. We didn't play punk, but we had the attitude. I also worked on the stage crew at the SIU Arena and Shryock Auditorium for artist such as "Metallica", "Van Halen (w/Sammy Hagar)", "Black Crowes", "Def Leppard", "Goo Goo Dolls", "Soul Asylum", "MC Hammer", and other rock and country acts.
In 1990, I left the "Saloonatics" and joined "Shades", because their singer was recording a solo record and I was going to play on it. I only lasted 5 months, never got to record, but I did begin to perform my Flaming drum solo.

Greg in 1992

In 1991, the "Rockin Blue Iguanas" were formed. Lasted three years before I got restless and joined "Southern Prophet / Luna Eclipse". That band ended after about a year when the guitarist stopped showing the bass player what to play. Since 1996, I've been playing music with one of the most talented guys I've ever known, Dana DeMaris. First, in "Jump Duck and the Mallard Tones" and then in "Lucky Duck". Dana had to take some time off with his lovely wife Pam, for a baby, and with his departure "Dave's Not Here" was formed. Dave Halstead, the guitarist, had his own band prior to joining "Lucky Duck", so occasionally we would play together as "The Acoustic Experience".

Flaming DrumsIn 2003, after the breakup of "Dave's Not Here", Dana hooked me up with "Dreamlab", a band Dana was currently in, which lasted until March 2005, when "Blind Date" was formed. Before the breakup of "Blind Date" in September 2010 we recoreded several songs that I am very pround of and you can still here the music here, just follow the links.

In October of 2010, a new band was formed called "A Band of Brothers" which was David Halstead, Kerrry Hunter, Dana DeMaris, Tony Malawy, and myself. I have played music with all of these guys throughout the years and it is truly a Time Traveling Musical Journey. I also play occasionally with "Lon-L & Petty Thief" and "Trainsmokers" Blues ..... I love my job!

The newest project is Big Bad Wolf, a mix of modern rock with a touch of classics, with Tim Granade on Bass and vocals, Ryan Kennedy Guitar and Lead vocals. We're really just getting started and I'm excited about playing these songs with these guys. Two bassists and a drummer! Who would have thought? Actually they all take turns on bass occaisionally, but Ryan has turned into the guitar god for BBW! .......... I'm a lucky feller, good friends that I get to make good music with. My best friend is my wife, Janet, who manages to maintain this site despite all the changes and additions that I throw at her. I Love You.
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