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LonL and Tony

Lonnell Brooks know as Lon-L Born March 14, 1948, at North Texas. When he graduated high school he enlisted in USMC. After an Honorable Discharge, lived at California for a while.

Lon-L went to college with a Major in Fine Arts. Later, Lon-L hooked up with a Rock & Roll band looking for a Bassist so he went out and bought one. His instrument at the time was piano, they played all the Top 40. That lasted for a couple of years until a two of the guys married off. Next, Lon-L hooked up with a country band...played locally and made good money too.

Soon he tired of that, and decided to try his hand at R & B.

Currently playing in "Lon-L & Petty Thief. Lon-L's music influences are T. Bone Walker- Muddy Water -BB King -Freddy King -Albert King -Albert Collins -Jimmy Page Buddy Guy -Steve Gaines -Johnny Winter -Jimi Hendrix -Bobby Bland -Eric Clapton.

Tony Malawy

Tony Malawy: Bass Guitar
Musical Influences: Bill Wyman, Noel Redding/Tony Cox, Rick Danko, James Jamerson, Flea.The Midnight Riders: I sold out from the start. This was the first band I played in. Formed in the fall of 1982, The Midnight Riders were primarily a country band that played some rock and roll. We were actually in the local musicians union and had gotten work that way. I left in February 1983 due to a dislike of the country music that was continually beingfocused upon. I was a kid and I wanted to rock. It led to some nasty arguments about song selection and musical direction. It cost me $60 in unpaid union dues to get out.
Random Access: From 1988 to 1996 I played classic rock covers. Random Access was a band I had a hand in forming. Based in the Belleville/St. Clair County area, we played many places in St. Louis and the metro east. Formed from scratch by some musicians I met in various ways, we rehearsed for approximately 2 months before taking it out to the bars. Thick vocal harmony was the standout feature, along with song-song set arrangements.Black Coffee: In 1996, one of Random Access' guitarist and I formed Black Coffee with a couple of musicians from St. Louis. Actually co-existing with Random for a while, Black Coffee was a loose tequila blues band. The name was taken as kind of a joke: you needed black coffee to sober up a little after gigs.
Random Access was a very structured, polished Jefferson Starship/Eagles type of thing and after years of playing music that way, I wanted to do something completely different. I wanted play music that wobbled a bit. Imperfection. Free-form vibe blues with some swing. It was very entertaining, but it was the band's fate to burn out; we knew that from the start. I quit in1999.


Greg Calvert

Greg Calvert: Greg met LonL in 2002. He started playing music with LonL & Petty Thief in 2005 as a fill-in for Brian. Greg drums for LonL whenever his schedule allows him to. The fun we have playing is contagious, come have some fun with us!


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