These songs were created by Blind Date over the last two years.

Although the band doesn't exist anymore, still proud of the work we did on these songs.

Still available on I Tunes

This are from the "Rock or Die" CD

Rockstar Superstar (LoGrasso/Calvert)

Waiting for the Big 21 (LoGrasso/Calvert)

I Keep Waiting for Your Love (LoGrasso/Calvert)

I Get up Get Down (LoGrasso/Calvert)

I'm Intertwined (Malawy)

And the second CD that was not finished is "Roll or Live"

Don't Do Me Wrong No More (LoGrasso/Calvert)

Fahrenheit 451 (Malawy)

Momma (LoGrasso/Calvert)

Quarantine (Malawy)



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